Retrieval/download of photos:

  • from Facebook

  • received via SMS/MMS ….

  • received via Messenger...

  • from ICloud/Dropbox etc

 – is very time-consuming …..

We therefore charge DKK 50 per 6 minutes spent,
if we have to assist you retrieving/downloading your files.

You can make it easier for yourself if you put your photos
on a medium – preferably a USB stick,
or alternatively on the camera roll of your mobile.

Photos from Facebook and photos received via MMS or Messenger are
technically so compressed that their quality is usually very poor.
It IS possible for us to print the pictures. However, to be fair to you we always inform you about a poor quality of the processed pictures.
Your money may be spent on a picture, which is, technically speaking, of poor quality, or your money may in worst case be wasted.
It goes without saying that it is always up to you to decide whether you want the pictures to be made !


Also here you can make it easier for yourself. In fact by writing your mailtext in your usual mail programme
to lab(snabel-a)
and THEN in the SAME mail attach all your photos (in FULL resolution).

So please do not just forward each individual photo from
Facebook, SMS/MMS, Messenger and/or iCloud/Dropbox/etc…..

If the number of photos exceeds recommended Mbyte, it is OK to use WeTransfer.

If you forward the photos separately or by individual mails,
retrieval/download is very time-consuming.
That is why we will have to charge DKK 5 extra per mail or photo file.

You can order your Photos easily by clicking here..