We make photos for:

Passports, Driving Licences

Identity Cards, Student Cards

Train Cards, Bus Cards

Driving Licences for Lorries


It only takes a few minutes to get good photos with PhotoCare Popp Photo
and you need not book on beforehand. Just come in from the street.

At the price of DKK 150, you get 6 photos immediately.
* (Danish sizes)
Alternatively you may choose to have the photo in a digital version on your USB pen or by mail.

At an additional price of DKK 30, you may choose to get the photos BOTH physically and in an electronic version.

Please rest assured - we know ALL the formal requirements for passport and VISA-photos,
including photos for China and the US.
And - we photograph for other purposes - however, ONLY portraits.

Unless an ID photo of your baby is urgently needed,
we recommend that you postpone photographing for ID photo purposes
until your baby can hold his/her head and, best of all, sit in a baby chair.

If at all possible for you we would prefer that you bring your little ones in the morning
- and according to rules they MUST be awake while we photograph them !