PhotoCare Popp Photo was founded as a shop
by the late Mr R. Hartimmer. Back in 1959 he got the brilliant idea
of making use of his knowledge and experience from the technical department of Danish police to become an independent retailer within the photographic field.

Consequently, Mr. Hartimmer started and ran “Kolding Foto”,
at Jernbanegade 32
until 1977, when Carsten Popp bought the shop.

When the shop in 1984 had its 25th anniversary,
Carsten Popp renamed the shop into Popp Photo.

By 1988 time had come to move, so we moved to the corner,
and got 3-4 times bigger space

In 1997 the co-operation of retailers, PhotoCare, was founded. Again a minor adjustment of our name took place into the present name of the shop to :
PhotoCare Popp Photo - and it is still owned 100% by Carsten Popp.

1st of April 2022 Carsten Popp celebrated his own 45th anniversary as an independent retailer within the photographic field.